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Deck Protect Composite Care Products are designed to clean, rejuvenate or protect wood plastic composite (WPC) decks and screens. Three years of extensive testing on ModWood.

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Ready to topcoat, pre-primed timber mouldings for a premium finish

  • New and Improved
  • Defect Free
  • Light yet strong & stable
  • Wide range of profiles & dimensions
  • Easily worked – cut & drill
  • Easily painted – priming system ready to top-coat

GREAT FOR: Skirting, Architraves, Reveals, Joinery, Furniture, Bathrooms and Kitchens (not exposed to constant wetting) and any interior finishing application that requires the great look of timber mouldings.

  • The Timber

    Ezitrimplus is manufactured from sustainable plantation grown Radiata Pine (Pinus radiata). Which has been milled, kiln dried and docked to remove all knots and visible Imperfections. This is then used to produce a fingerjointed/ laminated moulding, which has no defects, whilst also having the superior finish that you have come to expect from an industry leading product.

  • The Glue

    The glue used in the fingerjointing and laminating process is designed to give EzitrimPlus strength and Flexibility. The glue is moisture resistant and will withstand short term exposure to the moisture under typical indoor building conditions, i.e Kitchens and Bathrooms.

  • The Primer System

    The unique feature of EzitrimPlus mouldings is the priming process that creates not only good looks but a functional finish. The primer system involves three separate applications of different primer formulations which are hand sanded and buffed between coats. These primers create a finish which helps reduce the effects of raised grain and visible finger joints, that is both flexible and tough, with the added advantage of being ‘top coat ready’

  • Painting

    All nail holes should be filled with an appropriate wood filler, and then sanded back to achieve a smooth surface (in accordance with manufacturers guidelines). All dust and dirt should then be wiped away before coating all bare timber with a wood primer. Once the surface has been prepared, simply apply your preferred top coat in accordance with paint manufacturers recommendations. EzitrimPlus products can be painted with either acrylic, enamel or latex paints.

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