Cutek Wood Stripper 2.5 Litres

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Strip your Surfaces with Cutek CD33 Naked 2.5L

The first step in any re-painting or refurbishing project is stripping. You have to remove every trace of colour, paint, oil, or dirt, leaving the surface completely nude. Otherwise, your new coat of colour will have bubbles and marred sections. The quicker you can get rid of existing coating, the less time your restoration takes. This is important, because you’ll need to apply multiple coats of colour, and with lengthy drying periods between. Ordinarily, workers use harsh chemicals to ensure they job is done right. And while these chemicals are effective, they can be toxic, both the restorer and to their surroundings in general. Green cleaning products are safer, but there’s a misconception that they’re too mild to be fully effective.


Safety in the nude

Cutek CD33 Naked (product code: 9418329097037) is mild but powerful. We recommend it for stripping wood, but you can use it just as effectively on brick, metal, or any other surface. We’ve tested it successfully on:


·      Oil-based paint

·      Varnish

·      Linseed oil

·      Acrylics

·      Latex paint

·      Wood stain


The advantage of Cutek CD33 Naked is its deep-cleaning abilities. You only need one application to strip multiple layers of wood coating or metal protectant. It’s user-friendly, so even first-time strippers can figure it out. And it doesn’t have NMP, methylene chloride, or other toxins typically used in wood strippers. CD33 is fully biodegradable.


Versatile and fluid

CD33 targets coatings that form a film on your surfaces, and it strips off all those layers in one go. You can use it when you’re repainting a shed, doing body work on a car, refurbishing a deck, or restoring antique furniture (both wood and metal). You should work in a well-ventilated space, because stripping generally releases harmful fumes. CD33 is safer though, because we’ve made it deliberately mild and toxin-free. But don’t let its gentle scent fool you, it’s still tough enough to extract several layers of well-applied oil, colour, and other films. And it extracts them all in one round, so you won’t need multiple coats of CD33. 


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